Latest Trends in Automobile Industry

What can be the most unsettling situation for a driver? There could be many aspects that can be troublesome for the driver. However the fear of accident is always on top of the list.

And why wouldn’t we fear accidents when every other day there is news of a fatal accident.

What automobile technology are you most anticipating?

The future car is destined to perform almost all functions. This is a big deal. You might be petrified after hearing all this. But don’t be; technology will only make things simpler for the driver.

If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking for the latest tech models inculcated in the automobile industry.

Let me introduce some unimaginable technological convergence in the automobile industry.

Knowing the street vision is the key:

At least futuristic innovations are focused on how to adapt to the changing requirements of the driver. This is good news but this is not the end.

Innovation is anything but average when it quickly becomes obsolete. Almost all automobile manufacturers boast their technology as cutting edge, but are it really state-of-the art stuff?

Yes, Mercedes is addressing important issues:

Mercedes is working on new air bag technology that will mitigate the threat of accident to driver. Who would not want to offset the chance of damage in case of an accident?

Knowing Proximity for other cars simplifies the driving experience which is important for drivers; creative vision of Mercedes ensures no more costly repairs.

All you have ever wanted was a safe driving experience.

What is BMW up to?

Automobile manufacturers are pushing the envelope in developing biometric system that acknowledge face, voice recognition; iris or retina recognition.  No more serious trouble of any theft now.

Augmented reality dashboards by BMW will showcase everything a driver wants. You are never far away from a pleasurable experience in real time.

What could you say about Ferrari?

Ferrari is never far away from developing something unique for the customers. How closely Ferrari is working on different features of driving is anybody’s guess?

The news is that Ferrari seat technology can measure heart beat and respiratory is as important as another other technological convergence.

Ford is concerned about the driver’s health:

Bingo! Who would have thought that the cars would regulate our body functioning. Ford will defy all odds and will introduce breathtaking technology.

Ford promises to offer something Cloud based system that regulate glousue level, allergins in the surrounding.


Cars are expected to communicate! Well don’t be amazed if this technology is offered at a moment notice.

You heard me correctly. It is expected that cars are going to talk with each other. This technology is already making rounds. How relevant does it sound to you?