TESLA brings the next best concept car to market

The Tesla Roadster is a leading exhibitor of technological convergence.

The future of automobile is hybrid:

How would the automobile industry address the lifestyle of young, urban, hip and successful? Something new and classy that can trigger satisfaction. Sports cars ignite the restless passion among the younger customer segments.

Driving in the fast lane:

For people really focused on sports cars, Tesla has vowed to produce the state-of-the-art sports car that people can relate to. Get ready for more eye-popping coverage of concept cars of the future.

The icing on the cake:

Electric cars are in demand. It is a bold move but does it indicate the end of traditional cars. To an extent yes but again how the car responds to the local customer demand is critical for its successful integration.

The customer choices in the Western countries are shifting towards electric cars. It is faster, more economical and better suited to address the environmental issues.

The dramatic rise in the demand for electric cars is a testimony that automotive industry must not hesitate to adopt change.

Tesla being a pioneer has always offered a tough different product to its customers.

Can’t wait for the launch of new Tesla Roadster:

The Tesla Roadster is a leading exhibitor of technological convergence. The cutting edge concept car is one of a kind. It offers something that you want to see. An electric sports car that is due to launch in 2020.

What the new creation will look like?

The secret is out of the bag. The simple design is cool and extension of driver’s will. With a classic long slick body and combination of ev functionality, the new Tesla Roadster is a treat for sports car lovers. The low center of gravity is another added advantage that makes the car fun to drive.

We get caught up in numbers, isn’t it?

The new concept brings adventure to life. This new concept care surely manages to amaze the audiences.  Tesla roadster is considered to be the quickest electric sports car.

It can hit the top speed of more than 250 miles/hr. It accelerates from 0 to 60 miles/ hr in not more than 1.9 seconds. But what about its range? It is simply astonishing. It can cover 620 miles range on single charge

You can’t argue its quality:

Really, the aggressive new look to this car make it highly desirable. This concept car is acknowledged as offering even better performance to the drivers.

Too bad that people buy premium cars but couldn’t enjoy themselves. The new Tesla Roadster is able and willing to provide the value for money to the user.

This 200,000 dollar can be the defining moment for Tesla Motors. This is what the industry pundits are envisioning about this new concept car.