The World's First Supercar

Lamborghini Miura

The World’s First Supercar

There used to be cars but then there are super cars that are worth millions. Do you know how did the super cars craze started? You don’t have to go far – 50 years back and there is your Lamborghini Miura – The world’s first super car! 

Designed by  an Italian designer “Marcello Gandini.  Miura is considered by most the first “supercar,”

The Miura’s rolling chassis was presented at the 1965 Turin auto show, and the prototype P400 debuted at the 1966 Geneva show. It received stellar receptions from showgoers and the motoring press alike, each impressed by Marcello Gandini’s sleek styling and the car’s revolutionary mid-engine design.

The car featured a transversely-mounted mid-engine layout, a departure from previous Lamborghini cars. The V12 was also unusual in that it was effectively merged with the transmission and differential, reflecting a lack of space in the tightly-wrapped design. The rolling chassis was displayed at the Turin Salon in 1965. Impressed showgoers placed orders for the car despite the lack of a body to go over the chassis.


The earliest model of the Miura was known as the P400 (for Posteriore 4 litri). It was powered by a version of the 3.9 L Lamborghini V12 engine used in the 400GT at the time.


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