Top 5 Affordable Cars of 2019

2 years ago
Bub Ds

Price is the biggest factor that matters while buying a new car for a middle class man. Apart from all the facilities or luxuries that a car provide, he will always consider the price of the car first before buying it. It is a tricky situation for them to take care of both luxury and budget while approaching for a new car.
So to resolve this puzzle for a middle class car buyer, in today’s article we have brought the ultimate list for top 5 affordable cars of the year 2019. These cars are perfectly perfect for the buyers seeking for a new car with luxurious facilities within their budget.

Nissan Versa Note S

It is a new stylish and fuel efficient car with a subcompact design. Apart from looks, it also boasts a room for 5 with elegant features like smart phone connectivity, smart storage, and much more. It is surely a smart deal to crack in the year 2019.

Price: $ 16,545

Nissan Versa Note S - Autozworld


Toyota Yaris L Sedan

Toyota Yaris L Sedan is a youthful car with a comfortable interior. The elegant design and premium features like push button start, LED headlights with the auto on-off feature, comfortable leatherette seats, etc. make it a perfect family car in the budget. You can get both automatic and manual transmission systems for this car.

L Manual: $ 15,450
L Automatic: $ 16,550

Nissan Versa Note S - Autozworld


Chevrolet Sonic LS Sedan

It is a city friendly compact car with an eye-catching design. The advanced technology features of it are enough to give its impression. This car gives you multiple color options to choose from. It is a perfect choice for regular usage for anyone in a metro city.

Price: $ 16,295

Nissan Versa Note S - Autozworld


Hyundai Accent SE Sedan

The Hyundai Accent SE Sedan offers a comfortable ride. You can select this car for a long go as it offers a spacious interior to seat comfortably while riding and is also featured with advanced safety technology. It is a beauty with sophistication and standard features.

Price: $ 15,880

Nissan Versa Note S - Autozworld


Ford Fiesta S Sedan

And last but not the least, the Ford Fiesta S Sedan comes at number 5 on our list. It is a strong and recommendable choice for the driving addicts. This compact car comes with great features that a car geek is looking for. Moreover, you can also personalize your Ford Fiesta with multiple color options inside out.

Price: $ 15,135

Nissan Versa Note S - Autozworld

So, here we end up with our list of top 5 Affordable cars for the year 2019. Hope it has helped you in selecting your dream car at affordable prices. Do share your views with us in the comment section below.