We all fear the future. Automobile manufacturers don’t

The big boys of the automobile industry are seriously pursuing the unimagined.

Highly anticipated Futuristic cars:

The big boys of the automobile industry are seriously pursuing the unimagined.  They are designing cars that unveil unique benefits to the users; but are every possible new introduction in the market a hit?

Well, it is debatable in different contexts.

Futuristic invention in the automobile industry is on the go. In fact it would be fair to construe that technological convergence makes the cars desirable to different customer segments.

Technology is redefining the driving experience, but to what extent? This question is still unanswered. However experts believe that the concept cars are providing new ways of improving the driving experience.

Innovation becomes anything but average, in no time:

Believe it or not, the automobile industry is going through significant transformation. Cars with an attitude are in demand. This entails a whole range of options. The performance enhancement features, the all-inclusive safety and using far less power. But what automobile brands make the cut?

Modern cars should more than meet the eye, literally!

The patterns of consumer behavior suggest that the shelf life of cars is shrinking. But losing customers can never be an option. That helpless feeling is experienced by all automobile manufacturers.

It is not just the benefit that consumer accumulate, it is also about eliminating the potential risks.

The design of specialized airbags is a classic example that demonstrates how this feature has evolved over the years.

Customers take little time to fire their preferred automobile brand:

The aforementioned statement seems offensive, but trust me this is true. Automobile manufacturers can relate to how the modern day customer is giving them goose bumps; you are offering something good, that is excellent but that might not be good enough.

Why is that?

The customer wants to see sustainability in the utilization of technology. You act otherwise, you are history.

You don’t want to be remembered as an automobile manufacturer who had served its customer well.

Nissan breaks the shackles:

The incorporation of latest technology should surprise the customers. The B2V technology by Nissan highlights how technology can provide better interactivity.

This technology will interpret signals from the driver’s mind and provide a pleasant driving experience.

Isn’t this concept amazing?

Ford is not far behind:


Imagine a car that can see. Yes technology has made it possible to design such car. Ford offer cars with special sensors and camera to adapt accordingly.

Now you can adjust to the speed limit. Moreover fuel consumption when applying brakes is as minimal as possible.

Now that is what you call exploiting the technology to its fullest!

Customers couldn’t ask for much!

Environment is the top priority for Toyota:

This is the common denominator for every automobile manufacturer to adhere to.

Toyota has been the pioneer of introducing environmental friendly cars. That doesn’t stop here. New concept cars with features that limit the carbon emission are making rounds in the global market and Toyota is leading the way.

Miracles do happen in automobile industry:

Manufacturers are showing off what they have got. The commitment and passion that goes in designing futuristic cars cannot be argued. Global trends indicate the market is booming for specialized cars with distinctive features.

By 2020 we will witness unimaginable cars with unthinkable features and incredible performance.



The availability of state-of-art technology is an enabler for the automobile manufacturers. How technology demonstrates the difference in value is of prime significance.

There are so many elements that measure quality. How the car responds in extreme weather? How safe is the driver in the wake of an accident? The list is simply endless.

Modern day automobile manufacturers cannot escape the wrath of technology. Concept cars will become a reality, make a note of it.