It’s a very simple procedure to become a dealer on AutozWorld. Just sign up here or add a listing of your car here and apply to become a dealer! 

Once you are approved, you will get a notification giving you access to your dealer page where you can add/edit/delete cars, add your profile and logos etc.

Having a certified logo on your profile is a long procedure as one of your staffs members will visit your site and approve accordingly. This procedure may take weeks to months depending on availability of our staffs and your location.  

Can I Export Car Privately?

Yes, you can. Just visit this page and add your cars. Once your listing is approved, you will be notified. Approval procedure may take 24-72 hours.

Which currency is used for the website?

There are variety of international currencies are used on our platform. For instance, if cars are from Australia, you will see A$ sign, if Canada, CAD$ and likewise. You can list your cars in any currency but please make sure, you are using the right price in that specific currency. We recommend using US$ but it’s up to you.

Are there any fees associated with listing cars?

Currently, we have promotion for new car dealerships, car showrooms & car exporters to list their cars for free, however, we have listings level where you can avail more features to get visibility for your cars on our platform with subscription and minimal fees.

Can we source out your services buying a car?

Yes, we offer sourcing agent services depending on the location. 

Do you own Cars on the website?

AutoZworld is a trading platform/ Sourcing Agent to export cars from all over the world. We don’t own any cars. All cars listed on our website, property of their owners/dealers or agents. We also have collaboration with some companies and if are always there to help you what you are looking for.

Are Prices are Final?

In most cases, NO. For instance, if you interested in new cars, those cars include local taxes ie;GST and other taxes. An exporter can claim those taxes back and if you have good relationship with the exporter and you involve us in the deal, we are there to save you money in terms of claiming taxes, duties and GST etc. 

How does your company work as sourcing agent?

Please note that we only provide services and charge 2.5 to %-6.5% commission on any deals done through us regardless of the price. We only offer you estimate pricing and if you take interest, we negotiate on your behalf with the dealer or company and try our best to offer you a good deal. We also make sure, you get quality used cars, Not stolen, Odo meter is genuine, checked cars through certified mechanics and all other work that is involved in exporting the car. 
For any new cars, we make sure you get all the taxes back as it helps in reducing the price.
For instance, you got an estimate for the cars starting from $40k, but it does not mean it will be $40K+. Once you show interest and genuinely interested in the car, we negotiate with the seller or auction house to give us better pricing and you might be able to save thousands along with local GST and other taxes.
Autoz World is an international car dealers platformf for those who are interested in either exporting, importing and just want online visibility for their stock. Once a dealer profile is approved, you are able to add your stock with very minimal fee(starting from $3.50 per car) – At the moment, We are not charging any payment for adding cars. We also have staff who can add your stock on our website manually and we charge $2.00 per car. We have collaboration with highly professional website design company ( BIZ VISTA – AUTO DEALER WEBSITES)  who can offer you Premium Car Dealer website to sell locally and promote if needed.
Our platform attracts huge traffic and have solid social presence(Facebook – By listing your dealership on our website, get referral traffic as well as better search results.
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